Rules of Participation

citycamp ⚖️ breakout sessions and lightning talks

If we want to have productive civic dialogue that yields solutions and opens people’s minds to new ways of thinking at citycampsavannah, it’s important that we first lay clear ground rules. 

Breakout sessions & lightning talks

What is a 📝 ‘breakout session’?

Breakout sessions are smaller-group sessions led by a resident or city employee on a topic they’d like to discuss with the community. They’re intended to give participants more focused time to discuss issues and opportunities of most interest to them; they also provide a safe space for constructive feedback from fellow participants. A moderator will attend each breakout session to take notes and, as necessary, enforce proper decorum.

  1. Submit your breakout talk idea using the official submission form no later than midnight Oct. 15, 2018.

  2. If your topic adheres to the guidelines below, it will be posted for the public to vote on beginning Oct. 16, 2018 and lasting through 5 p.m. Oct. 19, 2018.

What is a lightning ⚡️ talk?

A ‘lightning talk’ refers to a short, timed, off-the-cuff talk on the main stage in which the participant delivering the talk make a persuasive case in less than four (4) minutes, with two (2) additional minutes set aside for questions from the audience. Lightning talks may be suggested in advance on the ideas board, but must be officially submitted at CityCamp in the morning by posting the topic to the Lightning Talk Wall. Fellow participants will use dot-stickers to cast their votes for their preferred topics.

Highly Encouraged Topics 🎉

Allowed Topics 🆗

Not allowed! ❌

NOTE: Topics that violate any of the Not Allowed guidelines will not be accepted to the topic roster; any submissions that may potentially violate these guidelines will be replied to by email by an OpenSavannah peer resident to allow the submitting party the opportunity to respond and/or withdraw the topic.

Guidelines drafted by OpenSavannah volunteers.

Take part in public feedback by text message. Text `citycampsav` to 797979 to get started.