How to take part in planning CityCamp

It's everyone's shared responsibility to ensure we have a robust civic dialogue.

City Camp Vision and Operating Principles

CityCamp isn't a top-down event. It's meant to be an event co-created by and for residents. That means you get a say in every part of the planning and agenda.

Inclusion is our ultimate success metric

For CityCampSavannah to reach its true full potential, it should be planned and executed with the entire community, especially with other nonprofit organizations, community organizations, and local businesses. As with all OpenSavannah events, we do not want to not default to “just another bunch of white guys”. We therefore must place inclusion and diversity above all else.

A more representative democracy is a stronger democracy.

We can and must do better at engaging all Savannah residents –– especially underserved communities –– in the process of deliberative democracy on issues of civic importance. And that’s an issue of shared responsibility.Government by the people and for the people means all people.

Public feedback is only valuable when there is an engaged and informed citizenry.

It’s easy to blame our elected officials when things go wrong. It’s easy to complain about local government on Facebook. It’s much harder to take ownership in our communities and to take meaningful action to changing the status quo.


Sign Up to Serve On Steering Committee

A citizen-led steering committee will oversee the day's events and help foster civic dialogue. The Steering Committee oversees fairness in the event and the feedback process, and should consist of representatives from both the public and private sector. Anyone can serve on the steering committee, but we ask that if you do, that you are able to volunteer your time at minimum of one (1) pre-event meeting with fellow committee members. Apply to join the CityCamp Steering Committee.→


Lead a Breakout Session

Be on the CityCamp agenda. The deadline to submit your breakout session talk is Oct. 14, 2018. Pitch to lead a breakout session today. →


Pitch a Lightning Talk

All participants have the opportunity to deliver a 4-minute long short talk on a topic of budgeting concern for 2019. Lightning talks should be planned somewhat in advance, but need not require any major preparation. You will propose your talk after the morning keynote, and voting will take place at lunch. Submit/Vote on Lightning Talk Topics in Advance→


Opt-In to Receive Interactive Budget Public Comment Surveys via Text Message

While we'll be launching a super cool app that allows citizens to provide detailed and nuanced feeedback at the event and in the ensuing weeks thereafter, sometimes simple technologies are the best technologies. If you can send and receive text messages, you can provide valuable insight that will be on the record, freely viewable online for officials to follow. Opt-in to receive an interactive, rolling, real-time set of short, budget-related questions that you can respond to in a few seconds. Your phone number will be kept entirely confidential, and shared with no one for any purposes than budget feedback.

All you have to do to get started is text `citycampsav` to 797979!

Take part in public feedback by text message. Text `citycampsav` to 797979 to get started.